Confirmation Bible Study – Companion to “Never Alone”


This purchase is a digital file download.  This Bible study does not use videos.  

4 non-video sessions to help adults facilitate dialogue with teens about Confirmation by digging into sacred scripture.

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This 4-session Bible study gives you the tools you need to dive into a deeper understanding of the sacrament of Confirmation through sacred scripture.  Each session includes:

  • A detailed Leader Guide to help facilitate discussion with teens
  • Participant Guide for teens to take notes
  • Parent Guide to help parents follow up with their teens

While it can be completed on its own, we strongly recommend that this Bible study is facilitated after having completed the YDisciple video series, Never Alone: Life with the Holy Spirit.

This 4-week Bible study is not intended to give a full catechesis on the sacrament of Confirmation. Rather it is designed to help teens…

  • become more comfortable with reading the sacred scripture.
  • discover the roots of Confirmation in the Bible.
  • address common misconceptions of the sacrament.
  • and, most of all, see how the scripture applies to their lives.

Session 1: The Basics 

In this session, you will

· consider the basic elements of Confirmation in the Bible

· introduce simple sacramental theology

· look at the effects of confirmation as laid out in the Catechism

· address the misconception of Confirmation makes one an “adult in the faith”


Session 2: The Gifts

In this session, you will

· discover where we find the traditional list of the Gifts of the Spirit in scripture  

· discuss how each of these gifts apply to our lives

· address the misconception that at Confirmation we confirm our faith


Session 3: The Proof

In this session, you will

· Learn about the fruit of the Holy Spirit and consider how each plays out in daily life

· Look at the effects of confirmation as laid out in the Catechism

· Address the misconception that Confirmation ought to “magically” change the confirmand


Session 4: The Mission

In this session, you will

· Discuss the need to evangelize – to share one’s faith

· Connect the sacrament of Confirmation to a life of mission.=

· Address the misconception that Confirmation is “graduation from the Church”


Purchasers have permission to duplicate these materials for anyone in their parish/organization (aka “purchasing entity”).  No need to buy multiple copies for every group or participant!  

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