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Train Adults
Launch Small Groups
Make Young Disciples

At YDisciple, we understand...

Programs don't make disciples, disciples do.

A robust library of training content ranging from practical to spiritual skills helps train faithful adults to be more than instructors, but disciple-makers.

Teens need to belong in order to believe.

YDisciple gives you tools to create small group environments where teens are known, loved, and cared for.

Authenticity is King.

With adolescents, you need to earn the right to be heard. Our video resources for teens center around personal testimony in order to communicate theological truth and are never filmed in a studio, but in real life.

Families are busy.

A streaming platform allows groups access anywhere and anytime, working with families’ schedules.

Parents Matter.

Study after study shows that no one has more influence on a teenager than his or her parents. YDisciple provides strategies for engaging parents and parent resources (in English and Spanish) to help parents engage their teens in meaningful conversation.

Middle schoolers are unique.

An ever-growing number of YDisciple studies have guides with activities and questions specifically designed for middle school students alongside the standard guides for high school students.

No two parishes are the same.

Whether you have 10 young people in your parish or 1000, or 1000 teens but only 10 who are involved, small group discipleship can be scaled to fit your parish’s needs. Our pricing structure allows you to start a single small group or launch a movement.

Tell me more...

Making an impact.


Parent, Minnesota

Instead of just dropping my kids off at the church, YDisciple helped me work with the parish to form a small group for both my son and my daughter. Working with my teens form a discipleship group gave me an opportunity to talk with them about faithful friends and evangelization.

Andy & Cassie

Volunteer Leaders, Nebraska

YDisciple has been a tremendous blessing for our parish. We tried other methods of youth ministry for several years. Over time the teens drifted away and we had difficulty finding a volunteer coordinator for the program. A big part of why we felt called to YDisciple was the wonderful format YDisciple provides. Because YDisciple provides excellent video content and discussion guides, most of our time could be focused on small group discipleship instead of preparing a talk or a teaching. 

Fr. Jason

Pastor, Pennsylvania

YDisciple gives me as a parish priest the ability to offer high quality catechetical formation through lay leadership. It is is an exceptional model for youth formation at the parish level. The process shows parents how to form their teens as disciples of Jesus Christ and teens are given an opportunity to enter into friendship with Christ and one another. 

Diana & Jose

Parents, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

When our youngest son came home for his first summer break from University at the age of 19, We felt the need to remind him about what was important.  I discovered that the program addressed many of the real challenges our youth struggle with everyday. 


High school senior, Alabama

My initial response when my parents told me about YDisciple was far from excitement. I’m a senior, life is busier than ever. I didn’t see how I was possibly going to fit another weekly commitment on top of my already impossible load.  My attitude changed very quickly. The videos were great, the small group discussion was inspiring, and the fellowship was exactly what my friends and I needed. We spent a lot of time discussing topics that stretched me, and I am thankful for that.

Three Ways to Access YDisciple

Single Study Purchase

Starting at $49
  • Purchase individual video series. Each includes...
  • ...Leader Guide
  • ...Participant Journal Sheets
  • ...Parent Sheets (in English & Spanish)
  • ...Introductory Training Videos
  • Download or DVD with Book

YD Essentials

$19 per month
  • Streaming of all video small group studies
  • Downloadable leader, participant, and parent resources (English & Spanish)
  • Extended library of leader training videos
  • Free access to iOS, Android, and Roku apps
  • Offline playback on mobile apps
  • Select non-video bible studies, Lectio, and Visio Divina guides
  • Early access to all new series
  • Email onboarding
  • New content added all the time!

YD Premium

$595 per year
  • Unlimited access
  • Streaming of all video small group studies
  • Downloadable leader, participant, and parent resources (English & Spanish)
  • Extended library of leader training videos
  • Free access to iOS, Android, and Roku apps
  • Download videos direct to device
  • Early access to all new series
  • All non-video bible studies, Lectio, and Visio Divina guides
  • Digital Retreat content and Large Group Event guides
  • Live onboarding via Zoom
  • New content added all the time!

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