How to Share the Gospel

“To evangelize means: to show this path—to teach the art of living. At the beginning of his public life Jesus says: I have come to evangelize the poor (Luke 4:18); this means: I have the response to your fundamental question; I will show you the path of life, the path toward happiness—rather: I am that path.”

—Pope Benedict XVI

The heart of small group discipleship is inviting teens into a living relationship with Jesus – and you don’t need a fancy video study to do make this invitation.

Whether you call it the Kerygma, the gospel message, or simply “sharing your faith,” it is imperative that each baptized Catholic is equipped to articulate this life-changing truth.

But how?  This simple 4 step method of articulating the gospel can help us distill the core of this message in an easy to remember way.

4 steps to sharing the gospel for Catholics


Download the How to Share the Gospel in FOUR Steps e-book today!  Use it as an activity for your small group or just enjoy it for your personal use.  This e-book is 100% free.


Consider wearing a THE FOUR® wristband to help you and the young people in your group remember the steps.

Silicone wristband with 4 symbols to explain the gospel message


“I’ve seen a lot of evangelization tools in my years of ministry. This may be the best I’ve seen yet! THE FOUR is a simple – yet profoundly effective – tool that engages the person with 4 simple symbols that naturally allow you to share the good news of God’s love, the separation we all feel from this love due to sin, the remedy to the human condition, and the response that we are invited to make.”

Nick Redd, Catholic Evangelist and Co-Host of YDisciple’s The Invitation

THE FOUR was developed by Campus Crusade of Switzerland.  Used by YDisciple with permission.

Want to hear the Kerygma articulated in a compelling way?  Check out this clip from YDisciple’s series The Invitation. Presented by Nick Redd.



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