Why Are Teenagers the Way They Are?

The teenage years are tumultuous. Would you want to do it again? Me either.

Hacks to Keep Conversation Moving

Does it ever feel like your small group conversation doesn’t ever really go anywhere?

How to be More Effective

Fr. Dave Pivonka, TOR, President of Franciscan University, gives us practical advice on how to partner with the Holy Spirit in the midst of leading your small group.

The Cure for the “Retreat High”

One of the most common struggles that I hear about from youth (and that I have experienced many times myself) is the after-effect of what is known as a retreat “high.”

The Art of Listening

It’s a well-worn adage: “Teens don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

Spotlight: St. Michael & St. Albert, Minnesota

Breaking Away from Confirmation Class.

Simple Ways to Connect With Parents

You may have heard (ad nauseam!) that, statistically, parents are the number one influencer in a young person’s faith life. But how can we practically, and effectively connect with a wide variety of parents, all of whom are busy?

Guenther Family photo

Youth Ministry when you don’t have a youth minister

Youth ministers are an important part of the Church’s endeavors to evangelize and catechize teens today, but, according to a recent study, only 24% of Catholic parishes in the US have a youth minister (CARA, The Changing Landscape of Catholic Parishes).

First Things First

Every Christian plan of the future will, and must, be valueless if it does not remain Christian, that is, oriented toward Christ.

20 NON-VIDEO Ideas for Small Groups

For the love of God (literally!), don’t show them videos week after week, year after year! I know that sounds crazy coming from people who produce videos for small groups.

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