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One of the most impactful aspects of our NET Retreats is small group ministry. It is a model that we believe in and especially works well with our current generation of young people.

In an effort to make the impact of small groups last longer than a single NET Retreat, we are offering all retreat hosts this curated Starter Pack of our YDisciple materials to give you the best tools to follow up with your students and continue discipling them long after the NET Missionaries leave.

Small group resources

YDisciple is NET Ministries’ small group discipleship resource that provides faithful adults with what they need to make young disciples in their communities. This carefully curated selection of YDisciple resources will help you follow up with your teens after their NET Retreat. NET Missionaries will help them encounter Jesus, but these resources will provide you with tools to walk with your students long after the missionaries leave.

The Invitation

This is our foundational series on discipleship, intended to be the first study completed by every small group. Teens will dive deep into what it means to follow Jesus. (Also in Spanish).

Never Alone: Life With The Holy Spirit

Use this 5-part series to follow-up from your NET Retreat and explore the truth that every Catholic Christian is invited into a living relationship with the Holy Spirit (Also in Spanish).

The "God Is..." Collection

This collection of 10+ standalone sessions explores who God is through the lens of questions teens actually have. These videos are also used in NET Retreat small groups. (Also in Spanish).

Lectio Divina Guides

One of our most fundamental tasks is to teach young people to hear the voice of God. Use these 20+ non-video guides to lead your young people through a shared Lectio Divina experience.

Adult Leader Training

NET Missionaries are intentionally equipped to do relational ministry with young people. Now, you have access to videos that cover the same content NET Missionaries learn so that you can train your adult leaders to launch small groups and make young disciples in your community.

Introductory Leader Training

This series helps adult leaders understand the philosophy behind a small group discipleship approach and provides practicals on how to facilitate small groups. (Also in Spanish).

YDisciple Handbook

Full of tips, tricks, and some best practices from communities around the world, this handbook will provide what you need to train adults, launch small groups, and make young disciples.

Quick Tips

Sometimes, the seemingly small stuff in ministry can make or break a small group. This collection of 20+ videos covers a range of practical ministry topics in under 5 minutes.

Discipleship 101

This 8-session training course dives deep into the theology of discipleship and offers practical application in ministering to young people. Hosted by Jim Beckman.

YDisciple's Mentor Profiles were created to help encourage and inspire potential adult volunteers to take on mentorship roles in the lives of young people, specifically as small group leaders. Our team flew around the continent (and across the ocean!) to talk with some of the adult mentors who inspire us about how and why they do what they do.

Mentor Profile Series

Meet YDisciple mentors from all different walks of life who are discipling small groups of young people in their communities using their unique gifts.

Katie Waldal

Katie Waldal is a YDisciple mentor in Hudson, WI, and a stay-at-home mother of seven children. Get to know more about Katie and her passion for serving young people in this installment of YDisciple's Mentor Profiles.

Andrew Fitzhenry

Andrew Fitzhenry is from Coatbridge, Scotland. He serves as the Principal Teacher of Religious Education for St. Andrew's High School, incorporating YDisciple into the school's religion curriculum. Get to know Andrew in this installment of YDisciple's Mentor Profiles.

Shakay Kizirian

Shakay Kizirian has been a mentor for the youth program at Sts. Vartanantz Armenian Apostolic Church in Providence, Rhode Island, for several years now. A semi-retired oncology social worker, Shakay uses her gifts to walk with the young people in her community.

Kenneth Brennan

Kenneth Brennan is a mentor for a rowdy small group of boys in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, and an officer in the Royal Canadian Navy. Get to know more about Ken and how he came to be a small group mentor in this installment of YDisciple's Mentor Profiles.

Fr. Freddy Pérez

Fr. Freddy Pérez is a parish priest in the Diocese of San Angelo at Our Lady of Guadalupe in Midland, Texas. Although their parish doesn't have a paid youth minister, Fr. Freddy uses YDisciple to form volunteers and run small groups for teens.

James and Maria Pereira

James and Maria Pereira are from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Maria serves as the part-time youth minister for their parish, coordinating small groups using YDisciple. James serves as a mentor for one of these small groups in addition to his job as a campus minister for a local university.

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