“Never Alone” FAQs

We at NET Ministries are proud to share with you our latest YDisciple video series released in May 2020, Never Alone: Life With the Holy Spirit.

Filming Nic Gutierrez
Behind the Scenes with YDisciple: Nic Gutierrez

What is included?

  • 4 video sessions (approximately 15 minutes each)
  • A 5th session with instructions and training on how to pray over your small group for a release of the Holy Spirit.
  • Leader Guides with carefully crafted discussion questions, suggested activities, and prayers  (Separate guides for middle school and high school)
  • Parent resources in English & Spanish
  • Participant Journals
  • Special training for adult leaders
  • BONUS: 4-session Bible study on the Sacrament of Confirmation (no videos)
    • This is included at no additional cost for YDisciple.com subscribers.  FORMED subscribers can purchase it here.


Is this a Confirmation curriculum?

Not necessarily.  We believe that every Catholic Christian should have a living relationship with the Holy Spirit and should be learning about Him both in and out of sacramental prep.  This series was created to bring about this sort of fruitful discussion with students who have not yet been confirmed as well as those whose confirmation day has already come and gone.

That said, a robust discussion on our life with the Holy Spirit such as this can easily fit into a parish’s Confirmation prep program whether you are using other YDisciple content or another curriculum altogether. To this end, we have also created a supplemental Bible study on the sacrament to help deepen the students’ understanding of the Holy Spirit in Scripture.


What age group is it for?

We know middle school students have different needs and questions than high school students.  That is why every session has a separate Leader Guide for each age group with questions and activities that are developmentally appropriate for the specific group.


How do I use it?

Every YDisciple series is designed specifically for small groups, whether they meet in person or online.  And thanks to our easily accessible streaming platform, sharing videos is easy.


Before using Never Alone with a small group, we strongly recommend you first do our introductory series, The Invitation, a 4 session series on Discipleship.  This will lay a strong foundation for the small group as well as introduce concepts that will be key to breaking open Never Alone such as the Kerygma and accountability.


A core value of YDisciple is customization. Here is just one of the possible ways it could be utilized with other content:

  • The Invitation (4 meetings)
  • One week break to do a social activity, prayer event, or service project
  • Never Alone (4 meetings)
  • One prayer session to conclude Never Alone 
  • One week break to do a social activity, prayer event, or service project
  • Bible Study on Confirmation (4 meetings)

= 15 Meetings 


How do I get this series? 

There are 3 ways to get Never Alone:

1) Subscribe to YDisciple.com  (Recommended, Best value)

With an annual subscription you get:

  • Streaming access not only to Never Alone, but also The Invitation and more than 40 weeks of video content and a dynamic library of 15+ weeks of non-video content
  • Free access to the supplemental Bible study on Confirmation
  • Downloadable leader guides, participant guides, and parent resources in English & Spanish for every piece of content
  • Access to leader training available ONLY on YDisciple.com
  • iOS, Android and Roku apps
  • Ability to download videos so you don’t have to worry about spotty WIFI
  • Shared access for all the small group leaders in your parish/organization  That’s right, there is no additional charge for additional leaders.


2) Purchase just Never Alone: Life With the Holy Spirit

  • Available as a digital download purchase or in hard copy (DVD with Books)


3) FORMED.org

  • Never Alone will be streaming on FORMED [Release date TBA].
  • (The supplemental Bible study on Confirmation will only be available as an additional purchase.)


Do I have to be an official parish or organization to purchase it?

No. Families all over the world who want to start small groups for their own children are using YDisciple.

Are you a leader in a diocese?  Contact us for information on how to get this to your parishes!  

Is the content Catholic?

We work hard to make sure YDisciple is faithful to the teaching of the Catholic Church.  It is also important to us that it is shaped by people who are doing actual ministry with young people. Here’s how:

  • Video scripts are written then approved by a team of people including youth ministers, Masters of Theology, and priests.
  • Discussion questions are crafted by youth ministers and Catholic school teachers.
  • Presenters are not actors, but real Catholics who do ministry in the Church in real life.
  • Even the video Production Team consists entirely of faithful Catholics who beautifully communicate the truth of Jesus and His Church through the storytelling, animation, and photography you see.
  • Most of all, YDisciple is a product of NET Ministries.  NET is a Catholic youth ministry organization that has 4 decades of experience doing retreat and discipleship ministry.  It operates under the ecclesiastical vigilance of the Archbishop of St. Paul & Minneapolis.


Filming Sarah Kaczmarek in Detroit
Filming Sarah Kaczmarek in Detroit




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