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Youth Leader Spotlight: Ruth Gladitsch

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, every day the goal line seems to move.  Every day the restrictions seem tougher.  Every day doing small group ministry seems more impossible.

But that isn’t stopping Ruth Gladitsch, Director of Youth Discipleship & Evangelization in St. Michael, Minnesota.  The combined parishes of St. Michael and St. Albert have one of the largest small group discipleship ministries in the country.  Ruth has responded to this crisis by creating a landing page clearly communicating to her leaders what they can do to keep serving the teens in their small groups during this time of coronavirus. It includes everything from technical instructions on how to set up digital meetings to Bible study activities that can easily be done at a distance.

And because Ruth is as generous with the rest of the world as she is with her own parish, she’s shared their landing page to help you do something similar for your small group ministry.

Thank you, Ruth, for inspiring us to keep doing relational ministry in the midst of isolation.


Youth Minister does small group ministry during coronavirus



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